Water Softener Comparison Utah CountyI have had dozens of potential customers call over the past several months asking this same question.  Of all the water softeners made, which softener is best Water Softener Comparison Utah County?   Just as there are many models of cars, there are many models by comparison in the water softener industry.  So, which one is best by comparison?

Here are the factors to consider when answering such a question.

#1. How hard is the water where the softener will be located?

#2. How many people reside in the home?

#3. Does the customer prefer a metered vs. no metered head?

#4. Is digitally and on demand a feature they would prefer? (highly recommended)

#5. How much space is required and is the home pre-plumbed for a water softener?

#6. Is the home plumbed copper, pex or grey pb piping?

#7. Does customizing one for the home make sense?  (a much more personal approach without a higher price)

There are so many models to chose from and from those I am selecting the best for the money because of these following factors:

#1. Quality of the resins (cheap resins do not last and only soften for a short period of time).

#2. Quality of tank (expensive stainless steel isn’t necessary and does not soften the water.  I use only the thickest fiberglass spun because of the track record and durability.  It’s never failed me.  Cheap thin tanks are there for about 5 to 10 years and then must be replaced.  Companies chose these because they want your repeat business in 10 years.  You decide!

#3.  Quality of the metered head.   On demand metered with smart chip is the best for the money.  Why?  Keeps you informed by metering every gallon and displaying it on the screen.  Also, it only uses salt when necessary and preserves the resin bed from being cleaned prematurely.  Customers#1 choice.

#4. Price   If saving you hundreds or even thousands over the competition is important to you, then listen to and watch the testimonials.  They are all real and I think you will agree, customers feel better about spending less and getting more for their money.

Title “Water Softener Comparison Utah County” I hope this article helps you in finding the water softener you need. Call me anytime for any help you may need.

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